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Boiler & Generation Renewal

The boiler project commenced as an optimisation, aimed at upgrading the distributed control system. While the project was in progress the client expanded the scope to include the replacement of the relay logic systems with a new generation emergency shutdown system. Proconics was tasked with this upgrade and replacement of all switchgear and UPS systems. Due to the integrated nature of the scope (E&I), Proconics was well positioned to successfully manage the interfaces.

The Challenge

Re-designing and engineering the control and electrical systems of an existing boiler and power generation plant, under extreme operational pressure, with several disparate process technologies and a project schedule driven by the general business overhaul dates has proved to be challenging. Add to this an obsolete, poorly documented and complex brownfields environment and a turn-around completion period of 48 days – within an ever changing schedule.

Key to success

Responding to the client’s key issues throughout the process has facilitated the success of the project; time, money and delivering a solution for a complex, practically undocumented brownfields environment. Our proven project execution methodology has allowed us to accurately capture the truth of the current operations in detail, ensuring that design has taken place from a solid foundation. Opportunities arise often without warning and the ability to respond requires a combination of considered planning, inspired engineering and unparalleled commitment.

Primary responsibilities

Engineering Management:

  • expert engineering support and project leadership
  • internal interface management between instrumentation and electrical (a major source of cost and schedule impact on many renewal projects)
  • quality assurance and control of all design and engineering deliverables
  • intimate understanding of client requirements, allowing for optimal combination of local, site specific and international specifications.

Project Management:

  • generation of schedule to implement the system in phases and to manage the completion of design and testing independently from the installation and commissioning phases (the design and testing of the systems are planned ahead of the general overhaul dates)
  • management of engineering and design for subsections, to budget and timeline, including ongoing monitoring.


Managing a successful implementation under immense schedule and cost pressure in an operations-critical brownfields environment has been an underpinning highlight of the project. In addition the facility has not presented ideal conditions with space limitations present and the need for re-utilisation of cables from the field.


  • Petrochemical


  • Project Management
  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Front End Engineering and Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Commissioning Support