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Obl Infrastructure: Gasification Control Rooms

Sasol Synfuels appointed Proconics as the EPC contractor to install the electrical infrastructure to the new control rooms at Gasification on the eastern and western sides of the Sasol Secunda Plant. Thanks to this successful project if there are any leaks or issues, then no staff will be endangered thanks to their new location, and they will be in the right position to resolve the problem. The project would result in improved plant efficiency, increased staff security and modernisation.

Sasol Synfuels initially approached several engineering firms with their requirements. The Proconics team assessed the site and the requirements, doing a basic engineering assessment that determined what elements they felt were necessary and from where the supply needed to feed. They then submitted their quotation to Sasol Synfuels who accepted it on the strength of Proconics’ brilliance in the field and their thorough investigation of the project’s requirements. The segment of the project allocated to Proconics included the main electrical supply to the new control rooms; ensuring it reached these effectively.

Throughout the latter half of 2010, the Proconics team worked closely with Sasol to develop the basic engineering package, getting buy-in from the Sasol stakeholders and developing a detailed engineering package thereafter. Construction commenced in 2011 and Proconics have consistently ensured that their deliverables have been to a high standard, addressing any issues that have arisen during the course of the project. One such issue was that the originally planned substation, from which the supply was to be fed from, had insufficient capacity when construction started. Proconics managed the situation by changing the design and procuring the additional material in order to feed from the new substation 550m away. This was accomplished within a very short time frame so that construction could continue without interruption, keeping the total project on schedule.

At a later stage, the team managed to tie in new panels within two hours while simultaneously making sure that they were operating perfectly without any production loss. On both occasions the client was extremely satisfied with the results delivered by Proconics. This project has tested more than the team’s abilities in engineering and problem solving. They have also stretched their people skills, a vital tool when working on a project of this magnitude. Proconics ensured that they maintained excellent working relations so that the project could proceed smoothly.

Today the team believes that the challenges have inspired them to produce a product that makes them proud. The time constraints, the unique challenges and the demands of the project may have placed the Proconics team under a lot of pressure, but they rate it as one of their most successful and an enduring example of how they can always take things one step closer to perfection.


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