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Petrochemical Development Oman Audit

A chance encounter at a conference saw Proconics South Africa seize a unique opportunity to forge a new relationship with Petrochemical Development Omam (PDO) in the Middle East thanks to their highly specialised skills in handling advanced system replacements, a skill that PDO had been struggling to find in the world market.

“We are in an advanced stage of handling system replacements and the client was looking for a company that could handle the work on an ongoing basis,” explained Louis Olivier from Proconics. “After several layers of negotiation, PDO sent over a team of four experts to undertake an audit on our systems.” The team from PDO included technical, project management and commercial experts who undertook a full audit of Proconics that covered all aspects of this type of project work: an assessment of their skill sets, supporting documentation and engineering expertise. “They examined our methodology and our systems and by the second day they had already determined that our work was to the right standards and we passed the audit,” explains Zebedee Stott at Proconics. “This is an extraordinary achievement for Proconics as we are now one of only a few companies in the world that are considered able to execute projects of this nature.”

Proconics has shown a high level of sophistication in their management of these projects alongside superb deadline and time management skills. It’s a superb win that’s well deserved and the start of a long and successful relationship with Petrochemical Development Omam.


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