Analysers, Fire & Gas

On-line analysers and sampling systems

The Proconics Analyser department has been involved in the engineering, procurement and construction of process analyser technology (continuous, online, in-situ or otherwise) for more than 10 years, specifically in the petrochemical environment.  We have extensive experience with various analyser technologies, including physical property, molecular property, electrochemical, photometric, separation and chemical types.

Proconics combines extensive practical experience with technical engineering and project specialisation. Our experts are perfectly positioned to assist in the upgrade of existing systems, as well as the specification, design and implementation of new projects. Our professional team of experienced engineers are highly sought after for their knowledge and design skills in often challenging conditions. Proconics implements on-line analysis hardware and software to allow you to constantly monitor the quality and purity of gas and liquid samples – without relying on manual lab testing.

Proconics has recently entered the field of environmental monitoring, specifically emissions monitoring. Our team specialises in engineering and design of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). We strive to assist our clients to comply with the South African National Standards – Government Notice 893, National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 2004 (NEMA), dated 22 November 2013. In association with our strategic partners, Proconics also offer, periodic emissions monitoring (isokinetic testing).

Typical Services:

  • Finding solutions to challenging on-line analyser applications
  • Investigating and reporting on all on-line analyser applications
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Design of customer analyser shelters, sample transportation and conditioning systems as well as manual sample facilities
  • Highly experienced and qualified engineers
  • Project management to ensure smooth communication channels and project execution
  • Design and Engineering of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

Fire and Gas systems

Proconics combines extensive experience with specialised technological expertise in the domain of fire & gas alarms, as well as communication systems.

Our services include the upgrade of existing systems as well as specification, design and implementation of systems for new plants and factories. Our specialised knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of fire & gas alarms and communication systems in petrochemical plants has placed our team in high demand at locations around the world.

Related Projects

Case Studies

Our track record with notable brownfields renewal projects is unrivalled and our ability to enter complex, hazardous operating environments and deliver bespoke renewal solutions, unmatched. Quality is an absolute and we consistently deliver true value for our clients.

Some of our world-class projects we have successfully completed and delivered to our clients are briefly highlighted in the following case studies: