Construction Management

Our approach to brownfields construction management ensures success. The Proconics execution model creates confidence in our clients by directly addressing the uncertainty inherent in brownfields execution. Our team retains a technical continuity through scoping, quoting, design and execution. This allows on-the-fly troubleshooting on-site and virtually eliminates the failure modes typical in brownfields execution.

Our clients trust Proconics to get it right first time. Their belief in our teams’ ability to manage construction frequently results in Proconics executing 100% construction scopes. Our knowledge of operating facilities, permit-to-work and safe execution creates a piece of mind and ease of execution that brings tremendous value to operating companies.

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Case Studies

Our track record with notable brownfields renewal projects is unrivalled and our ability to enter complex, hazardous operating environments and deliver bespoke renewal solutions, unmatched. Quality is an absolute and we consistently deliver true value for our clients.

Some of our world-class projects we have successfully completed and delivered to our clients are briefly highlighted in the following case studies: