Project Management

Project Management Services

Proconics offer project management services throughout the project lifecycle and specifically to complement the other services as listed below.

Commissioning support

Proconics does offer commissioning supports for both electrical and instrumentation projects.
This includes loop checks, system (electrical & control) commissioning and field commissioning (electrical & instrumentation).

Construction management services

Proconics provides construction management for both green and brownfields projects in a multi-discipline environment.

Front end engineering and design (FEED)

Proconics delivers a multi-disciplinary approach with industry-standard FEED work processes through its industry recognized specialists with decades of combined experience in unraveling complex brownfield and greenfield projects. We ensure that all the client’s projects specific requirements are addressed during conceptual design phase so as to keep the changes minimal during execution phase. Proconics’s integrated FEED experiences form part of a total value proposition by which we combine our applied technical expertise with our knowledge of plant technology to create smart plant solutions with great benefits.

Design and documentation audits (as-built)

As-built projects are crucial in any replacement project to ensure that the designs take into consideration the latest state of the plant. Proconics has a strong As-built team (both instrumentation, software and electrical) that has worked in some of the most complex projects to date.

Professional services and EPCM and EPC

Proconics offers Professional, EPCM and EPC services to its diverse clients in the market.
This allows us to meet diverse client requirements through agile use of our processes, methodologies and established services.

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Case Studies

Our track record with notable brownfields renewal projects is unrivalled and our ability to enter complex, hazardous operating environments and deliver bespoke renewal solutions, unmatched. Quality is an absolute and we consistently deliver true value for our clients.

Some of our world-class projects we have successfully completed and delivered to our clients are briefly highlighted in the following case studies: